Deaf Mosaic 第四十三期

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Deaf Mosaic 407. Hosts: Gil Eastman and Mary Lou Novitsky. The 6th Olympiad 198 A.D. by Barry White – Annual Mini Deaf Olympics for the ages from 6-18 in Louisville, Kentucky at KSDB. A Publishers Review: I Didnt Hear the Dragon Roar, written by Frances M. Parson about advocating total communications within deaf educational settings. When I Was Young, by Jim Dellon – Kendall school kids and Shiloh Senior Center doing performances together. In the Spotlight, by Gene Weiss. Summer Dance and Theatre Institutes at Washington’s MSSD including NTD and Gallaudet students. A Deaf Portrait: David El Mudo Watson. The Silent Bomber, by Mary Lou Novitsky a report of David Davis, a deaf boxer.
注:手语视点所有Deaf Mosaic的节目视频都来源于美国高立德大学的网站服务器,因此在中国内地观看需要花些时间进行缓冲。


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